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Even if existence is full of pain and suffering

I'll still choose to exist so I can see you again...

Minashiro Soushi

Name: Soushi Minashiro
Fandom: Soukyuu no Fafner (Fafner in the Azure)
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Wing Color: Sky blue
History: Here

Even though Soushi is only 15 years old; his upbringing for the sake of becoming a future commander of Alvis has molded him into a sharp teen that is very mature for his age. At first glance he is polite to his peers and respectful to elders, has excellent grades and is the head of the student council. A perfect example of a model student. A closer look reveals that although he smiles and talks in a polite and amiable tone he is rather distant, quiet and secretive. There is no one he is particularly close to, and there is no one who really knows or understands him.

After the peace is shattered and Tatsumiya Island officially enters the war with the Festum, Soushi finally discards the amiable façade for good and reveals a serious young man that has been shouldering the heavy burden placed upon him with stoic grace all along. Confident and decisive, armed with excellent leadership and strategic skills Soushi fits into his role as the battle commander for the Fafner pilots seamlessly. Putting duty above all, the piorities of Tatsumiya Island and Alvis are crystal clear to him and he is very adamant on ensuring that they are reached. This stand makes him come across as unsympathetic and somewhat ruthless to others, and he is certainly not about manipulation to achieve the things he deems necessary. Soushi has an extremely logical and focused mindset, he never lets himself be controlled by emotions and few things can shake his decisions and opinions. When he thinks that a pilot’s actions are detrimental to Alvis’ goals he never hesitates to express his opinions in a blunt and curt manner, not caring whether it will affect the opinions of others of him.

Outside of battle, Soushi was even more of a loner than before, preferring to be uninvolved in anything interpersonal. He is rather critical of how other people perform, especially those he works with, but mostly keeps his thoughts and opinions to himself, particularly if the subject is his superior in rank. Soushi may not be aware of it, but he is still young and therefore prone to all the mistakes and quirks of someone inexperienced with life. Arrogance is another of his faults, showing with every presumption he makes. Being so sure that he can do better than others, that he knows the best choice to make in every situation compared to the rest of his peers just because he has more knowledge of the situation, assuming that he understands a person just because he has entered their mind via the Siegfried system…

In reality, Soushi is just another kid trying to survive the horrors and tragedies of war. He may know much more about warfare than others his age but that only makes his burden all the more heavier for him to bear. He bottles up all his troubles and everything he truly feels, hiding them behind a stoic mask. The role he plays in Alvis has made him harden his heart against all the tragedies he has seen and gone through in order to continue shouldering his burden as the user of the Siegfried system, when in reality he feels as much as his peers, maybe even more so because of the Siegfried system. He feels every pain that the pilots go through, and experiences every death with them to the extent that there are relapses long after he has stepped out of the system. Add his sense of responsibility to the mix and it can be said that Soushi takes each death harder than anyone else.

And compared to those his age, there are many things he doesn’t understand. For example he has next to no interpersonal skills, when he tries to interact with others in an attempt to understand them he always becomes stiff and very awkward. Also, despite what he believes and what he shows, he is also influences by emotions like jealousy and doubt, especially when the matter concerns Kazuki.

Soushi truly treasures peace because among his peers, he is the one that knows the most about the price that others have paid to keep the island a paradise for so long. Extremely independent and self-reliant, he is evidently most comfortable in the halls of Alvis. The bareness of his room reflects his spartan personality and his fondness for order and cleanliness. He has also displayed some workaholic tendencies, but it might be because his sense of responsibility and the militaristic mindset that his father had instilled in him from a young age. Having to hide the truth he knew form the ignorant for so many years also made him adept at hiding things and keeping secrets, but also made it hard for him truly open himself to other people.

Makabe Kazuki is someone Soushi holds very important, though whether he realizes just how important is unclear. Even when his blind eye stooped him from piloting a Fafner he never once blamed Kazuki or hated him for it. Rather, the scar from the incident is something that Soushi treasures as a proof of his existence. And when dealing with the other Fafner pilots’ psychological changes he can’t help but compare them with Kazuki. The boy was always the person that affected Soushi the most. Whether it was feeling hurt and betrayed by Kauki’s apparent desertion or taking the initiative and reaching out to him when he returned for the sake of understanding the boy, those were things that Soushi would not have done for any other. Kazuki is the person that he would change for, and whether Soushi realizes it or not, the main reason he is so protective of the island.

The changes in Soushi improved his relationship with the rest of the pilots over time. He becomes more considerate and sensitive to how they function, and they also start to understand him more. In fact Soushi was by no means a completely heartless person, his kindness and ways of comforting people was only too well hidden for anyone to understand. Furthermore, the emergence of his sister from the Iwato uncovers another side of him, to Tsubaki he is just like any big brother, caring and gentle towards his little sister and endlessly tolerant of her antics even at his own expense. All this slowly brings down the walls he erected about his heart; before he knew it he had become so close to everyone that his wish to protect them was even stronger, only adding to his burden.

By the end of the series he has matured and learned a lot. That something cannot be defined and explained by logic; the things that drive his comrades; how to trust a person completely; the true value of existence… all that Soushi had gone through changed him into a better person and stripped the last shreds of his façade from him. Although it isn’t possible to go back to how he was as a child, Soushi will be more emotionally open than before and less inclined to his previous rigid mindset.

Some additional info on Soushi: He was born on the 27th December 2131. His height is 5’8” (173cm) and he weights 134lbs (61kg). He likes coffee, playing chess and listening to classical music.

Expert on battle tactics and strategy - Raised to be a future commander for Alvis, Soushi was moulded to fight the war against the Festum and has learnt battle tactics and strategy form a young age. His proficiency is evident every time he commands the Fafner pilots through the Siegfried system.

Strong-willed - As the pilot of the Siegfried system, Soushi has to be strong-willed as he bears all the pain of the Fafner pilots with them. And as their battle commander, he also has to be strong for them when they look up to him for leadership. Another example of his strength of will is his continued resistance to the Festum’s assimilation process at the North Pole for a prolonged period of time.

Sharp and mature for his age - His upbringing molded these traits into him. Because he is doing an adults job he had to grow up faster than the rest of his peers. As the battle commander for the Fafner pilots even the slightest mistake could mean death for those on the front lines, hence the requirement for a sharp mind.

Handles pressure well - His peers look up to him for leadership in battle. He holds their lives in his hands. Yet he is still a teen of fifteen like them. The immense responsibility weighing upon him is bore willingly and gracefully by his own choice. Soushi also takes care never to show the slightest weakness to the pilots so their morale will not fall, even though he himself also feels fear, doubt and pain on the inside.

Self-reliant and independent - Knowing the truth about the world prevented Soushi from having a truly normal childhood. He had to grow up fast in order to bear the burden placed upon him and meet his father’s expectations. His only living family was a father that was always occupied by the affairs of Alvis and a sister that was in the Iwato serving as the island’s core, therefore it is natural that he become independent and self-reliant from a young age.

Keeps everything to himself - His independence and a life of keeping secrets has made him too reticent. Even when he wants people to understand him he still can’t open himself to them. Likewise even when he needs help or comfort he’ll never willingly admit to it. He has improved some as time passed but nevertheless it is still hard to get him to open up.

Next to no interpersonal skills - Soushi functions well enough when interacting with people as colleagues, superiors or acquaintances but when it comes to the people he wants to have a closer relationship with he is at a total loss of what exactly needs to be done. This makes for very stiff and awkward behavior from him because on the inside he really wants the person to accept him but is afraid that they won’t. Sad to say that this kind of behavior only makes his weakness all the more apparent…

Prone to jumping to conclusions - This is especially so when people he holds important yet doesn’t understand is involved. His lack of interpersonal skills, lack of understanding of people, overtly logical mind, somewhat skewed common sense in this area and his own inexperience from his youth contributes heavily to this weakness. Since he learnt not to think solely with his head but also his heart too things have gotten better, but this weakness still stands.

Can be domineering - A product of slight arrogance and the presumption that since he knows more he also knows the best. Couple that with his lack of interpersonal skills and tact…

Blindness in one eye (the left) - The disability caused by the ‘accident’ in his childhood. It prevented him from ever operating a Fafner, but since it has been quite a number of years after the incident this little flaw has little impact on his daily life. His still only human though, so the probability of being taken by surprise on his blind side still exists.

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