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Even if existence is full of pain and suffering
I'll still choose to exist so I can see you again...
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hand over heart
((Forward dated to some saner hour in the morning))

 [There's the small crash of something porcelain shattering against the ground, but it doesn't cover the small gasp from Soushi] ...Tsuba...ki...?

((OOC: Just for reference, he heard this song.))
of fate
It's quiet... have all the Tease been killed then? [Quieter, almost unheard] Or is this just the calm before the storm?
of fate

[The writing was rather messy, it was plain that the message had been hastily scribbled out onto the journal]

To the female population of Luceti:

If you found certain... key items of your laundry missing within the last seven days, you may now retrive them from the boxes just inside the door of the clothing shop.

...I'm sorry.

[Just as what the message stated, there are now a few boxes of lingerie to be found just inside the door of the clothing shop, pushed unobtrusively against the wall to the left.]
of fate

[This wasn't his first career choice, really.  Soushi had wanted to be a kidnapper, but then the realization that there was no money in Luceti to pay ransom with, plus the fact that there were just too many fighters here made him squash the urge throughly. And then the second career choice just struck him like a bolt of lightning...

And that was how he came to be sitting in front of a booth in the plaza with a poker face. But before you notice the teen, you might first notice the VAST array of LINGERIE displayed as his wares.

And you might suddenly recognise one of those as yours...

Gents, feel free to gawk, have a nosebleed, actually buy some or go all moral on him. Ladies are welcome to scream, rage, slap, punch or even attempt homicide. If it really comes to it I guess thread-jacking is a go?

EDIT: Gals are also free to find certain... key items of their laundry missing when they collect their washing from the line.
I'll protect them
((Backdated to the 27th because of mun fail))

[Contemplative murmur] ...However I envisioned this day would be like in the past... it was never like this.

[Soushi's birthday falls on the 27th of December. He's turning sixteen]
 [Soushi is sitting on a rock by the lake closest to the village. One leg is stretched out before him, the other is folded so that its knee was level with his chest, with an arm braced atop the knee. His gaze, although fixed over the expanse of the mostly frozen lake, was distant with a faintly forlorn air about it. But perhaps you might first notice that he doesn't look too well. His face is pale, there are dark bags under his eyes and even his posture speaks of stress and weariness. The mass of noise that were the voices and activity of the new arrivals reached Soushi's ears courtesy of his open journal. Letting out a tired sigh, his expression became a frown as he shifts to turn towards the direction of the village.]

...Is this another 'experiment'?

((OOC: CALLING FOR HELP!! Ridley from the Metroid (Super Metroid) franchise is currently intent on killing Soushi with a blunderbuss! Threadjacking welcomed, even encouraged!!)) 
of fate
... For me as well...?

... Does anyone else find it suspicious that even those who no longer exist have died in their worlds received these letters as well?

((Small text is accidental voice, strikethrough is something that was spoken then hastily corrected, that is to say hackable.))
I want to see you again

[There's a soft rustling of cloth, then a faint, almost inaudible groan.]


[More rustling, then a startled gasp accompanied by the sounds of snow being crushed and shifted as someone moved against it.]

I still exist...? How--

It's cold... Where is this...?
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